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Ato Tadesse B. Wodajo: The Passing Away of a Member of the Lofty and Dedicated Generation

March 20, 2009

(Gathered and compiled by Gedlu B. Metaferia)

Ato Tadesse B. Wodajo an EPRA fighter in Gondar Region in the 1970s passed away accidentally with his wife Tigist Mamo on March 18, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri. Born in Sekota, Wollo, Ethiopia, Tadesse Wodajo became a deacon and served his local church and community. He supported his family as a local trader and craftsman at young age. Tadesse was a person who was indeed living for the sake of others and he was a volunteer in his community in literary education. When life became impossible for the younger generation to live in the towns in Wollo he joined EPRA in 1977, crossed Belesa amidst difficult circumstances and travelled to Tselemt to fight the regime of Mengistu Hailemariam to bring democracy and equality in a country beset by oppression, human right violation and poverty.

Sharing a life of commitment, hope and idealism of the younger generation he was a faithful servant of the people of Ethiopia. He was wounded several times in confronting the immensely armed military of the Derg with heroism. In one of the battles friends report that he carried his wounded enemy and his comrade turn by turn alternatively to an approximately 4 miles of distance to a temporary clinic giving sympathy to both, young students from Wollo who were fighting in different causes. That affirmed his humanity. Tadesse Wodajo was affectionately called ‘Wocheker” in Force 44 and was a lead person or “Abri” in several assignments of EPRA as gathered by his close surviving friends. Although the unique history of that young generation is yet to be written, there were millions of acts of kindness, endurance and sacrifice in the process of the struggle to bring democracy, prosperity and the rule of law in Ethiopia. In St. Louis, Tadesse Wodajo had been active in community and church affairs since 1985. Tadesse Wodajo is survived by two young children. The family would like to thank the Ethiopian Community, his coworkers in Airport Taxi and the faith community of Ethiopians for their support, compassion and contribution in these difficult times. All Ethiopians of diverse background and faiths are grieving together for Tadesse B. Wodajo and his wife.

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One Comment
  1. martha permalink

    My condolences!
    It is good to read that Ato Wedajo was a decent human being, who has done his best for his country and people. But hallo, he killed his wife leaving two young children orphans! Sometimes our emotions take over and it is difficult to think rationally. But again, what about the children, the innocent victims? And who are we to take justice in our hands, killing the mother of your kids, whatever the reason it be.
    It is sad that this happens to Ethiopian, specilly at the diaspora, and with people with kids!
    May God be with the two innocent victims(the children) to come over this loss!
    May God help them to forget the tragedy they wittness but couldn’t help to stop!
    May God help them be somebody and some day!

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