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A healthy alternative to wheat: Teff flour now available on the NHS of the United Kingdom

June 5, 2009

With many people striving to reduce their wheat consumption but still wanting to eat bread and cakes, teff, a gluten free grain, which in flour form can be used as a wheatflour substitute, is available from Tobia-Teff. Those suffering from coeliac disease can also now get a prescription for a supply of the grain from the NHS. For more information, to download an NHS form, get recipe ideas or place an order visit

Teff is the smallest grain in the world and supplies more fibre rich bran and nutritious germ than any other grain. It also packs a high mineral content, with 17 times the calcium of wholewheat or barley. It takes 150 grains of teff to weigh as much as one grain of wheat which accounts for its high nutritional value. Teff flour can be cooked as porridge, added to baked goods such as bread and cakes instead of wheat flour, or even made into ‘teff polenta’. A number of recipes using teff are available on the Tobia-Teff website ( including gingerbread men and bread.

As it is gluten free, it is ideal for those suffering with celiac disease (a serious, lifelong auto-immune condition triggered by eating gluten). However, it is also recommended for those participating in a lot of sport, and pregnant women, amongst others, as it has a very high iron content. It is also ideal for those looking to reduce their wheat consumption as it is widely reported that people feel positive benefits of doing so.

Sophie Sirak Kebede, Managing Director of Tobia-Teff, explains “in my homeland of Ethiopia, teff is widely used for its nutritional value, being one of the most ancient grains that grows. It is most commonly used in injera, the pancake-like base of traditional Ethiopian meals and when I owned Tobia, an Ethiopian restaurant, diners frequently commented how healthy the food made them feel and would ask to buy some of the grain. I have since spoken to nutritionists and researched the health benefits of teff and am a big advocate of substituting it in more traditional Western dishes to enable everyone to enjoy the associated health improvements.”

Tobia-Teff sells three types of teff flour – brown (£3.60 per kg), white (£3.60 per kg) and organic (£4.50 per kg). Larger orders (20kg bags) can also be placed for businesses such as restaurants and cafes and it is also possible to buy ready made injera. More information can be found at

White and brown teff flour is approved by The ACBS and The British and Irish Republic Coeliac Societies

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