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Is Reuters Turning into a Meles Zenawi Mouthpiece?

July 9, 2009

Voice of Debteraw

Recent reports by Reuter’s correspondents on the alleged intention of tyrant Meles Zenawi to resign from his post and the coming general election of 2010 emerge as unabashed apology and partisan support of the dictator and his odious regime. Reuter’s reporters present fantasy scenarios on the alleged resignation and speculation as if Ethiopia is being governed by a respectable democratic regime.

Reuter’s reporters write their articles as if Ethiopia is enjoying democratic governance, they write of scenarios that are fictitious if not funny about the coming elections. The speculative articles they write about the resignation of Meles are deceptively misinforming. That Meles stops being Prime Minister or not is actually a non issue so long as the repressive rule of the Tigrai front/TPLF or as it likes to be called the EPRDF/ continues. Yet, Reuters is reporting as if this matters, as if the resignation of Meles is of significance. For those who have no close perception of the Ethiopian reality the Reuter’s reports are very misleading indeed. They paint a false picture; they present non existent concerns and priorities as burning issues. s far as the coming 2010 general election is concerned it is evident that the ruing front has rigged it from now and it will win hands down as the possibility of fair and free election has been closed. Still, Reuter reports suggest as if there is an opening for free contest though the EPRDF is “well organized and would win” because the “opposition is weak and divided”. Which is a false assertion as the truth is that the TPLF/EPRDF would win because the electoral law is in its favour, because it controls the electoral commission, and it is set to rig the election and steal the voice of the people.

Reuters spreads and fans the fiction and the deception and misinformation. No matter why but it is important to know that Reuters’ reports on Ethiopia re not reliable, factual and dependable at all.

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  1. Sam permalink

    Does Reuter’s reportes might write fiction intentionally regarding the upcoming election in Ethiopia? No, they would not. Does EPDRF manipulate the politics because it is the only viable force in Ethiopian politics now and the journalists might become the victim of deception? It is possible, but unlikely. Why the journalists write the way they write about Ethiopian politcs has to do how one answers the second question. Whether admitted or not by some who succumb to emotional drain at the very mention of the party, EPDRF is the only political force that is in existence in Ethiopian politics. There are, of course, some opposition parties in parliament, but just only serving EPDRF’s deception: the party is committed to democracy. Those opposition parties which opted North America and Europe to be a prefeable base of operation are almost non-existent after the 2005 election, if they existed, it could only be in the minds of their die-hard supporters who have lived in the world of fantasy for so long they reach a point not able to separate reality from fantasy. The writer of the above article, I believe, is living in fantasy when he writes, the Reuters guys said, “the opposition is weak and divided, which is false.” Voice of Debetraw it is not false; in fact, it is precisely accurate.

  2. Unite and conquer the limelight, put all your resources in one basket. The satues quo has all the means of infrustracture at its own disposal, and show the western coroporate media your formidable strength and skilfully expose the chicaneries real image and intentions. Most of all important is to start with yourself and look in the mirror, identify your weakness.

  3. Aba Jaffar Aba Gobbu permalink

    Hellow Fellow Ethiopians,
    Meles zenawi, the butcher of Addis pays enormous amount of money to almost all Western media organizations. He came in conflict wit Al Jazeera due to their reports the genocide in the Ogaden region, and war crimes in Somalia.

    It is the same principles he is buying politicians in the USA.

    Ethiopia Prevails::

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