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May 4, 2010


We had an event on African women on May 3,to present the second edition of a previous book which portrayed 52 women from 25 different African countries under the title “Women who Moved Africa”. The new edition’s title ( Femmes Africaines, batisseuses d’avenir) could be translated into “African Women, builders of the future” and it portrays 73 women from 31 countries including Miriam Makeba, Cesaria Evora. and myself (Ghennet Girma) etc, women from all walks of life chosen for their militant and partisan activities in favor of change and the human rights of women.

Most of the women are back home in their respective countries or in exile outside of France, and of the 4 who live in Paris two of us were present (Comores & Ethiopia) at the press conference. Journalists, women and human rights militants were in attendance and It was thus a good occasion for presenting IEWO/AESED (International Ethiopian Women Organization) and its diverse activities as a progress report for the women who were in the 1st edition ( since, in 2005, when the first edition appeared, IEWO was not yet in existence).

After our intervention, journalists asked me many questions like what was the condition of women in Ethiopia during the 70’s and the years of repression that followed, how does IEWO reach out to Ethiopian women, what interests Ethiopian women more, what do they have at heart and which issues come mostly in agendas and meetings, the advantages and short comings of modern technology concerning access to women, IEWO’s position on the political situation, political prisoners in Ethiopia in general and on the plight of Bertukan Mideksa in particular. The press conference was held at the well known Paris CAPE (foreign press agency), where political leaders often hold their meetings with reporters.

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  1. Alemitu Zewde permalink

    Great work Ghennet.IEWO is on the right track.Bertu

  2. Gsitew permalink

    I always learn something when I read her article,
    I wish she was our leader instead of the little Mahfia ” Meles”

  3. Betty Paulos permalink

    May you bring about a change in the quality of life in the lives of the women you wish to serve. I am proud of you Ghennet.

    • Thank you all so much! Betty it means a lot to me that you took time to read and put down your reactions here! Thanks a million.

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