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Ugguugmoo News Update

June 24, 2010 (24 June 2010): TPLF/EPRDF military security group is busy for last few weeks trying to persuade,woo and entice the last remnants of Afar Uggugmoo group operating in the Afar disputed border between Eritrea and Ethiopia to lay down their arms and return to normal peaceful life.The last time we heard of this small group of remaining ARDUF which is led by Mussa Ibrahim, Ahmed Gilihiss and Araabo was in Mid 2007 when a group of British diplomats were kidnapped in Hamad Ella area of Danakil Depression.Sources close the Afar Region is telling that one faction is already in talks with government officials in the village of Barahle,the birth place of Ugguugmoo in 1978.

It is a paradox that this group is being enticed with promises of a new Werda while the first group led by Mahmooda Ahmed Gaas and Saleh AliHoudalle former ARDUF leaders who joined the government in 1999 and 2002 respectively are totally disillusioned as their parties were forced to boycott the latest Regional elections last month.

The negotiations which are being meditated by regional officials from the area is being hammered in a haste as to be part of the pressure on the Eritrean regime on the eve of the National Conference for Democratic Change (NCDC) of Eritrean opposition groups scheduled for the end of July in Addis Ababa.

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