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EPRP sticks out in Ethiopia

September 13, 2010

Indian Ocean Newsletter (No. 1292, 09/11/2010): On 1st September this year, stickers carrying the logo of the opposition organisation Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) and a slogan in the Amharic language calling to step up the fight against the TPLF (hard core of the governing coalition) appeared simultaneously at several places in Addis Ababa. They could be seen on the walls of the university, taxis and minibuses, at the main bus station and the market, in bars and restaurants and even on electricity pylons. The very next day, the head of security services, Getachew Assefa, gathered his agents in charge of surveillance of this illegal organisation and gave them a dressing down, asking them to remove the stickers as quickly as possible. It was at least two years since the last time the EPRP distributed leaflets in Addis Ababa.

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