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Ethiopian Movement VS Amhara National !!!

November 4, 2010

Tedla Asfaw

I followed two interviews by the members of Ethiopian People Democratic Movement(EPDM) later on changed to Amhara National Democratic Movement(ANDM) on two pro TPLF stations, Hagefiker and Selam Radios both from Washington D.C. area. The interview was billed as the 30th anniversary of ANDM and the guest on the Hagerfker Radio was a Major General Alemu Ayele working in New York for the regime and Weizero Genet Tadesse who has been a member of TPLF parliament for the last two decades.

Both interviews spent most of their time on their armed struggle against Derg that started 30 years ago which ended in “victory” in Ginbot 20 by establishing a TPLF led government which both guests described the happiest moment of their lives. One thing which was wisely avoided was the name change from “Ethiopian People” to Amhara National”. Is the name Ethiopia left exclusively for TPLF controlled EPRDF ?

The name change which was ordered by TPLF is not by accident. The Ethiopian People Revolutionary Party (EPRP) which both guests mentioned several times on the interview was the movement that led the struggle of removing Derg more than 30 years ago and paid huge price for being “Ethiopian Popular movement”. It was attacked by TPLF on one side and Derg on the other side. These brave EPRP fighters were accused by TPLF as “Abbay Ethiopia/Greater Ethiopia ” and were forced to evacuate their base in Tigray/Asimba and retreat to south.

No surprise then the anti Ethiopia TPLF will not allow the name “Ethiopian Movement” to be carried even on the movement it controls. Simon Bereket and Addisu Legesse, EPDM leaders, took order from TPLF to change the name to Amhara National Movement. Those who conducted these interviews dodged this question because they know that the so called EPDM turned to ANDM was no longer an independent movement borne out of former EPRP fighters.

Major General Alemu claim that his movement formed alliance independently with anyone including TPLF. That is a big lie. ANDM is made in TPLF and has no life without it. He and Weizero Genet failed even to mention the top leaders of the movement working on behalf of TPLF. You can not talk about TPLF without mentioning Meles and his inner circles and where are the names of ANDM leaders ? The face of ANDM is Bereket Simon/Adissu Legesse while the real boss of this movement is TPLF. ANDM is the Amharic wing of TPLF like OPDO is the Oromo wing of TPLF.

The 30th anniversary of ANDM is anniversary of serving TPLF loyally. However the Ethiopian people on May 2005 defeated TPLF including all its wings, ANDM, OPDO etc soundly by popular vote. The struggle which started 30 years ago finally culminated on May 15, 2005 without firing a single shots still unable to defeat tyranny.

Our people since then are ruled by brute force similar to Derg which both ANDM members claim replacing on Ginbot 20 two decade ago. Names here have changed indeed from Derg to TPLF but no freedom to our people. Our struggle to free our people will continue until we all live in a free and democratic Ethiopia.

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  1. fikadu alhabesh permalink

    so! what is ur solution if u think problems are there!? crticism should backed by really solutions….but most of us failed 2do zz!

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