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February 13, 2011

FINOTE DEMOCRACY RADIO is being jammed once again by the Meles Zenawi regime. The jamming concerns Addis Abeba only up to now. For now, Finote is being heard in other cities, towns and rural areas. The jamming has blocked Finote in Addis Abeba for the last two weeks. Finote Democracy Radio calls on all Ethiopians to protest against this China supported illegal action and to practically and effectively support the radio which has proved to be the voice of the voiceless.

The struggle will continue!

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  1. We all should support finote and rally against dictator regime in Ethiopia
    people lets stand with finote and alike who are fighting wyane at home and abroad, this is about time no more “eshururu ” I’m ready to go fight wyane and alike

  2. Habtamu permalink

    No matter what the tyrant woyane regime did to maintain the status quo and stay in power the doom day is getting closer and day by day. It is expected to see their over reaction out of desperation and chill in their spine. EPRP and its patriotic force will be the emerging power to establish rule of law and democratic institutions in the promised land of Ethiopia.
    the struggle will continues!!

  3. if we unite we became strength if we divide we fall dawn

  4. getu permalink

    what are u talking about? all of U??????

  5. Dereje Melaku permalink

    Dear Dereje Melaku, since your name together with father are similar with many other “mokshewoch” like myself, please add your Grand Father’s name or add any other clue that help to identify the actual you.
    If not, the first impression is that readers consider you that you are the author of the Ethiopian National Anthem. I think you are not, right?

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