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January 14, 2012

Mass murderer and brutal dictator Mengsitu Haile Mariam (exiled in Harare, Zimbabwe) has written a 500+ pages book that has been published by Tsehai Publisher of Los Angeles. This mass murderer has not yet atoned or paid for his horrendous crimes and the mass killings of the Red Terror. He now hopes to benefit from the sale of his book of lies. We strongly feel that this criminal should be tried before a court of law and should be hindered from benefitting from his crime. Thus, we have published the book in PDF and we are posting it for free usage of all interested readers.

Our action is protected by Son of Sam Law in the USA which prohibits criminals from profiting from their crimes by selling their stories to publishers. Accessories to such actions are also included in the prohibition and in certain cases the law can be extended beyond the criminal to include friends, neighbors and family members of the lawbreaker. Denying the holocaust is a crime in many countries and Mengistu denies firmly the Red Terror and the mass murders. Concerned Ethiopians are studying the possibility of a law suit against Mengistu and his LA based publisher who may also be a target of boycott by all Ethiopians. Assisting and helping mass murderers to profit from their crimes by publishing their book of lies is a crime by itself.

Thousands of victims like these are still crying for justice:

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  1. Demelash Tulu permalink

    The mass murderer must pay for his crimes. He is still feeling good and trying to sell and profit his JUNK. To write a memoir you have to have a brain, a human one.
    Thank you Debteraw!!!

    • Yeseladengai permalink

      Dedeb yesew dedeb. how can you be this idiot?!!! Ahiya

  2. Kebede permalink

    This exactly why Ethiopia is not going to get better, because of IDIOTS like you. What makes you think the next generation can’t read what has happend in Ethiopian history? Embarrassing,!!!

  3. Sirgut Alemayehu permalink

    ውድ የደብተራው ጆርናል አዘጋጆች፡
    ይህች እግዚያብሔርም ሳይቀር ስራውን ዘንግቶ ሃይማኖት በሌላቸው ሃያላን እያስደበዳባት ላለች አገር አንድ እዮብን ሆናችሁ የቆማችሁላት እናንተው ብቻ ናችሁ።ግማሺ ሚሊዮን የተማረ ትውልድ የመተረ መንግግቱን የመሰለ በደም የተጨማለቀ አረመኔ፣ ለፍርድ መቅረብ ይቅርና (የውስጡም ሆነ የውጭው የፖለቲካ ብያኔ ሰጭ እንጅ ለነገሩ የትኛውን ፍርድ ቤት ነው የምናነሳው) ጭራሹንም “አሰይ አበጀህ” ይመስላል የግል ደህንነቱ ተጠብቆለት ማንሺን ውስጥ እየተንደላቀቀ ይኖራል። እንዲያውም “ጌታውን የተማመነ በግ ላቱን ውጭ ያሳድራል እንዲሉ” ፋሺስታዊ ቅርሻቱን” ታሪክ ነው ብለው በሚያምኑና የወላጅ እንባ ሰይጣናዊ እርካታን በሚሰጣቸው ሕሙማን ታትሞ መውጣቱ ለወገን ያላቸው ንቀት ወያኔንም ሳያስንቅ አይቀርም።
    የወገናችን እንባ ብርታቱን ይስጣቸሁ
    ኢትዮጵያ በቁርጥ ቀን ልጆቿ ክብሯን ትጎናፀፋለች!

    • Yeseladengai permalink

      Ms Sirgut,

      you sounded like you are recruting new EHAPAs what is wrong with you, what does publishing book has to do with “ybeteseb enba” menamen menaemen. Dedeb just shut up and go back to the kitchen.


  4. Lulu permalink

    Great job! He or any of his cronies should not benefit from that.. Any of this criminals Mengestu. Meles and Isayas ect… should not benefit from book writing or anything else.

  5. Observer permalink

    Mengistu has indeed committed a crime, no question about it. However, you need to be reminded that when you point a finger to someone three of your fingers are pointing to you too. Also to copy someone’s book without the permission of the author is a criminal act in many countries like USA, Canada, and Europe etc. I imagine that your objective is to harm Mengistu but you have done the most despicable crime of the 21st century. Thanks-Observer

    • Melaku Abebe permalink

      You have blind folded your eyes, open up see what is in the law.

  6. samueal Meberatu permalink

    well you fell to talk about what EPRP did to Ethiopia and To the Ethiopian Peopple . you EPRP’s will pay a high Prise for the crime you have Commited waite and see .

  7. Sirgut Alemayehu permalink

    Obserever, your envy for mengistu must have blinding effect. Can’t you even read what is baldly stated “Our action is protected by Son of Sam Law in the USA which prohibits criminals from profiting from their crimes by selling their stories to publishers. Accessories to such actions are also included in the prohibition and in certain cases the law can be extended beyond the criminal to include friends, neighbors and family members of the lawbreaker.”

  8. Lulu permalink

    Observer, please re-read the disclaimer before you embarrass your self. “Our action is protected by Son of Sam Law in the USA which prohibits criminals from profiting from their crimes by selling their stories to publishers. Accessories to such actions are also included in the prohibition and in certain cases the law can be extended beyond the criminal to include friends, neighbors and family members of the lawbreaker.” I do not know about you, but in USA there is a law that no criminal (let alone mass murderers like Mengestu, Melse and Isayas) can benefit from the book or movies that written or doing about them.

  9. Eskedar Atinafu permalink

    Thank you for posting Mengistu’s book for us to read it free. Mengistu as I obsereved from what he explained about his friends and Generals in his book is a very cruel person. We have to lobby the international coimmunity to face him an international court. The publisher also needs to be accountable and need to be condemned for his insult for all families who lost their beloved by Mengistu. We need to boycot buying books published by this publisher. Thank you for you guys enabling us to read his book for free.

  10. Nuru Husien Ahmed permalink

    Great Job. I apperciate you. in the past i was one of those who blamed your website but now i understand very well you are for the people of Ethiopia and vangaurd of human right. mengistu is one of the worst world criminal but when criminals such as Sadam abd Gaddafi got their consequence this criminal is writing a book praising his criminal deed. the publisher is insulting those families who are still grieving beacuse of this criminal insane person. The true judgment will come when Weyane is kicked out and democracy in Ehtiopia prevaile. Thank you again for your effort to expose criminals and their promoters such as Tsehai publisher.

    • Hailemichael permalink

      Justice need to be done, always. My all time worry is when will our country start to reconcile and learn to forgive! I know we are all affected by the past and understand how it feels like. Can we change the past if we get sb rid off? We may be eased for the justice, but the future for this copuntryyy….. Can we really try to start anew? tolerate one another? I don’t know how but it makes me feel as if this country has ‘no future’ only ‘PAST’.

  11. Wazema permalink

    We all are experiancing hard life time from the past but it is a part of our life and history. I take this book is our past and the new generation reference. I like the fact it is not written by ghost writters. If the writter lies about the facts on that time frame, there will be other books/writers to justify the truth or the lies. It is our history we can not deny it. We lost our loved one,friends and family members in Red & White terror. The person or the owner of this blog post about the illegality of publishing this book. How about posting with out the publisher permission? It is againest the copyright law. Does this blog owner know posting the book without the publisher permission is not only civil penality it will lead him to criminal penality depend on how many times this blog viewed. I believe hearing stright from horse”s mouth instead of “he said or he said”.
    Peace out.

    • Thomas permalink

      Perhaps you are not getting what Sirgut and Lulu have just written before you. Please re-read and you will find they have already answered your question. That way you can save yourself from being redundant.

  12. Atsedemariam Yitayal permalink

    I emplore you to think again who fired the first bullet. Who started the terror. I belive it is EPRP, so lets sit down and examine ourselves. The tragedy of Red Terror is heart breaking. Many have died. Yes Dergue has executed , but so have EPRP and MEISON. Have we not learnt from history? EPRP shot and wounded Mengistu before any bullet was directed on them. Come on lets talk honestly and take our country forward. How many people has EPRP killed , including the young EPRP followers that believed in the cause and you unnecessarily sacrificed them.

    Read Son of Sam law again!!!!! It does not aply here. Mengistu was not tried in the US, and the law prohibits the criminal from profiting , where the profit does not go into his hands. This behaviour of mob jusctice of taking the copyright law into your hands is a big criminal behaviour.

    Every cloud has a silver lining. You may not know it , but you have helpped to let people in Ethiopia read the book, surely that cant be a bad thing!!! The book will be read by Ethiopians for free and the bill will be footed by EPRP.

    • Melaku Abebe permalink

      Who fired the first bullet, …? Who started the terror? I gracefully, in honor of the passed Ethiopians, testify that it was Mengistu and his allies who started the killing and who started the terror. I am one of the persons who is alive to testify on all what happened in the country, on all the sides and all through the Ethiopian revolution. Derg fired the first bullet in disrespect to the Ethiopian custom and justice by killing the 59 officials, Derg brought the shameful acts of Free Killings /Netsa Ermija/ on the streets of Ethiopia, in a dishonorable attempt to tear down humanity to a level of wild animal hunting game. Who started Yefeyel Wotete? that killed thousands of land lords, peasants, children in Menez, Merehabete, Fitera, Yefat, Selale, Woldia, Bichena, Worota, Gayent, Shire, etc. Open up, Derg is a terror and a terrorist government on that aspect.

    • addis permalink

      atsede that was exactly what i had in my mind EPRP never talk about the white terror but only the red!!!!!

  13. Daniel Tesfu permalink

    You guys think Mengistu butchered only EPRP members. His first victims such as Aklilu Habtewolde and his own Generals such as Tariku and thousands of army members being executed in all fronts, peasants, the youth and a lot others who were forcefully recruited and then were lost their life, Derg members and other more are all victims of Mengistu. You have the right to oppose EPRP but praising murderer Mengistu is not acceptable. He is repsonsible for Eritrea being dismembered from Ethiopia, he is repsonsible for the deaft of the Ethiopian Army by Weyane. His crime has no end and he does not deserve to profit from his crime. Imaging Bin Laden and his like do the same -do you think they will be welcomed. If guys think he is not criminal let me see him go out of the country he is in now and travel to Europe or USA. There is limit for everything. Most of us are being patient for those who killed a lot of people assuming that they were order by Mengistu and now you are asking us to foregive him while is is rationalisng what he did to the Ethiopian people. reconcilation is when people like Mengistu admit their crime. Even in Europe the SAM law is applicable

  14. sengayo permalink

    It may be right that Son of Sam law may not apply in this case since Mengistu was not tried in the U.S. But I shudder to think that people will pay ANY amount of money or time to read this book. What possible historical tidbit will Mengistu reveal except deny, deny, deny? The man is not going to accept any responsibility or be accountable for anything. As far as he is concerned he was always protecting the people’s revolution from “anti-reactionary” forces and everything he did is justified. Now is there anyone who doubts that such will be his take all throughout the book? We did this and that . . . Abiyot yeraswan lij tibelalech . . . yadi, yadi, ya . . . . pretty much the extent of the book.

    I have better things to spend my time on.

    • Lemma Gizzaw permalink

      Not sure what prompted, Tsehai Publishers’ Elias Wondimu to publish this book and advertise to sell for over $40.00? Mengistu is a mass murderer.. He needs to come to justice. the reason he is in exile is because the first thing he did was eliminate the Jeggna people from Ethiopian.. That was his plan and he succeeded. There is NO Jeggna to bring him back to justice. It’s a sad day. Boycott Tsehai Publishing!

    • Yeseladengai permalink


      Then don’t buy the book, just STOP hating and move on!!! there is not wrong with that.

  15. Tagashu permalink

    Hello Debteraw’s, you guys are simply amazing. Indeed the murder Mengistu and his likes should not be allowed to benefit from their murder stories. Thank you for a job well done!

  16. Yosef permalink


    The principle behind “Son of Sam” laws is that it is contrary to public policy to allow violent criminals to profit from the re-telling of their crimes while their victims suffer financially and are forced to endure the added emotional pain from the publicity.

    Following New York’s lead, 42 additional states and the federal government enacted similar “Son of Sam” laws.

    This law provided that when a criminal offender entered a contract to receive profits from the recounting of his or her crime — such as a book, movie, television show or other depiction of the crime — the party (usually a corporation) contracting with him or her had to pay over to the state all profits that would otherwise be paid to the offender.

    These funds would be held for the benefit of the offender’s victims, or in some cases, contributed to the state victim compensation fund.

    In 1991, New York’s “Son of Sam” law was challenged in Simon & Schuster, Inc. vs. New York Crime Victims Board, 112 S. Ct. 501 (1991). The United States Supreme Court held the law to be and unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment right to free speech.

    In response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Simon & Schuster, new legislation has been enacted by the State of New York and several other states.

    Nearly one-third of all states have not altered their notoriety-for-profit statutes following the Simon & Schuster ruling. Some states that have amended their laws, have not addressed the Supreme Court’s concerns. However, a substantial number of states have attempted to revise their laws to make them constitutional.

    The point to be made is that the law is not only unsettled in the United states but more significantly, does not trump first amendment rights and permit indiscriminate violation of the copyright laws. The law applies to profits by the perpetrator of the crime and not the publisher and more importantly, not copyrights of the publisher and in most instances requires prosecutorial or individual legal proceedings.

    Moreover, there is a question concerning whether the law applies to individuals convicted of crimes outside the jurisdiction of the United States. Similarly, what is the nature of the financial arrangement between the publisher and Mengistu…when and at what stage does Mengistu derive a profit from the sale of the publication?

    The idea that the publisher failed to consult lawyers before publication and or that the publisher would allow violation of their proprietary rights by wholesale postings of the book is not reasonable. In time, they will enjoin the blogs from posting the book.

    Therefore, a word to the wise,…. Meanwhile download the book before the publisher compels the blogs and the media to remove the book from their sites.

    As with Wiki leaks, eventually, when one site is enjoined another can materialize … hopefully, from a site beyond the jurisdiction of the United States and the publisher can then be prevailed upon by legal actions such as boycotts to remove the book from the market.

  17. Read page 25 the mass murderer how murder the Oromo
    Intellectuals to destroy the truth about Oromo. now he published about Oromo’s history in his way before he played for his past crime. Menge “Sew yemotal enje tarik aymotem” we Oromo’s never forgive you for the death of our family you deserve like Mohamed Gadhafi .

  18. Ex-አናርኪስት permalink

    ከላይ ያለውን ስዕል ተጭነህ አንብብ ይላል እኔ ግን ብጫነው ብጫነው ፎቶዎች ከመለዋወጥ በቀር ማንበብ አልቻልኩም :: እንዴት ነው ማንበብ የሚቻለው ወይስ ተነስቷል ?

  19. Eyob permalink

    He already gets his payment before it published. The puplisher is the one who get the rest.

  20. Melaku Abebe permalink

    Well understood of the legal aspects of “Son of Sam”, how about the legal rights of each victim’s “right to know” of the dictator’s statement, guilt story. We have read other stories of his comrades and the court prosecution procedures for free. What makes Mengistu’s story different than the rest? Did he write a book for that matter? No he is telling a story that he run away with from the people, the owner. There is nothing of his creative work or researched work in the book, he is telling the story of his 17 years terror. I have to know what he has done to the victims and to the country, and I as well own the book. In fear of legal prosecution he fled away and now he tells a story that he does not make by himself. This book depicts the tale of the country, the country which gave him the opportunity to know what was available at his level. By virtue of the opportunity that he ruled the country for 17 years, he hide the stories from the people, depriving the people from their rights to know, and now wants to tell the story for a bunch of money. I applaud the EPRPs for what they have done!

  21. Mathias Debele permalink

    I am not a legal person and I do not have interest in legal discussion. First of all Mengistu is concerned he is not only an enemy of Ethiopia he is also an enemy to the USA. He has consficated USA citizens property and done a lot bad thing. Second the publisher as Ethiopian origin ( and also asuming that he inever been one of those murderers) need to have a common sense and he need to haver symphaty to those who lost their relatives including those who used to work with Derge (since Mengistu murdered almost from evry political creed including Derge/ESEPA members -previous government officials, peasants, workers soldeiers, EPRP, MEIESON, EDU, prominent Army officers, his close friends -almost everybody except his family members. He has also exposed the country for other ethnic dictators. In general one need to consider all ththese and other factors especially when the book did not say anything except we used to listen through the Derg radio. Please do not see only money and try to look at moral issues. I hope Tshay publisher will learn and will publish books good for we Ethiopian in the future.

  22. Efrem B. permalink

    No criminal should be rewarded anywhere anytime.The infamous dictator whom citizens describe as the black Graziani of Ethiopia is not only a coward murderer but also a congenital liar as proven by the publication of the so called book in which he vainly attempts to cleanse his hands off the blood of Ethiopians they are soaked in.The ruthless Butcher seems haunted by the spirits of his victims to spend sleepless nights in the villa and comforts he is given as a fugitive that he is incriminating the innocent victims he tortured and exjudically exterminated.Shame on those Ethiopians who collaborated with him to get the ” book ” in print. It is the irony of times that Mengistu is a grandfather now while the blood of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians is still crying for justice.

  23. Yonas permalink

    u’re the one who is embarrassing stupid!! this guy (Mengistu) was the main player on the assassination of one generation and u think he will tell u the real history? He’s a murderer and now you’re saying we should pay him to read lies!!! think ten times before u open ur stinky mouth and shows the world that u’ve no brain!!!

  24. Tigu permalink

    Debteraw’s actions are not protected by any of the Son of Sam Laws enacted by various states in the US. Given the fact that Mengistu himself was convicted in absentia in Ethiopia, and was never convicted in the US, I am not sure whether or not it would apply in his case.
    However this I can say for certain. Virtually all of the States who have enacted Son of Sam Laws provide that the Royalty payments to be paid to the author are to be put into a special segregated account for a number of years (usualy 5) to be used to pay the victims of the criminal/author. If after 5 years there is any money left in this special account, it will go to a state victims compensation fund of that particular state. It does not suspend the copyright laws with respect to that book or author. In fact it can be argued that if anything, it is extremely important that the copyright laws in this type of case be enforced . If not, what happens is that the victims of the author, are robbed of any potential funds which could have been used for their compensation. Victimizing them a second time.
    In effect, what is now happening because of Debteraw’s act of posting the book on line for free downloading, is that Debteraw is profiting by the publicity and traffic generated to its web-site, at the expense of the victims of Mengistu’s Red Terror. The very victims who should be protected. Note that in this context, profit does not necessarily mean monetary profit. I don’t believe that this was Debteraw’s intent. But is certainly is the effect.
    Another concern that I have with Debteraw’s actions is the veiled threat of a boycott against the publisher. Why? Because it published a book? Does this not smack of punishing a publisher for excercising its right to free speech? Even the Son of Sam Laws do not try to forbid the criminal/author from excercising his freedom of speech. They just prohibit him from enjoying any profits from the sale of that book. Given this, how then can we even begin to justify attacking Tsehai Publishers for publishing this book? It would seem to me that Debteraw would be at the forefront of protecting freedom of speech.

    • Essaeyas Gebre Tensay permalink

      The publisher is a business man, who went in to a slippery venture. Mengistu can not claim a violation of freedom of speech, as well as the publisher. Mengistu is a fugitive that the publisher missed to understand, where all agreements made with Mengistu can not constitute a legally binding agreement. Which law governs Mengistu’s legal entity? Currently one of the interested jurisdictions rests in the hands of the Ethiopian court, and on the other hand is Zimbabwe which does not extradite Mengistu and holds custody of him under security agreement. The EPRP has done a good job on this, but unfortunately sorry for the publishers demise.

  25. Asenakech Oga permalink

    As it is now can Mengistu live as a free man in the USA and/or Europe? If he could he might not be a criminal. If so why he is confined in Zimbabew? Leave alone Mengistu person linke Al Bashir could live and live freely in USA/Europe. Mengistu is a criminal who killed millions of Ethiopian people what ever name you give to the victims. Besides is there any regret in his book to what he did. In most case he siad they got what they should. what does this mean -still he will kill if he got the opprtunity. On top of this he never disclose secret what is in his book is what we know from the state media he used to comand. Rather books such as written by Captain Tesfaye Eristu disclose some sectrets which we did not hear.

  26. Issa Ahmed permalink

    Captain Tesfaye Riste worked the notorious (now dead) Tesfaye Wolde Sellasie and was in charge of approving death sentences during the Red Terror. His book Misikrinet is a based on falsehood after lie and propaganda to serve his new Tigrean masters.Others in this message forum who want to defend the criminal and his regime are either accomplices or duped elements who need to wake up. No one can deny the Red Terror.Long before the alleged attempt against Mengistu took place, the Derg was killing EPRP members in big numbers using Nebelbal and special squads.Know your History before trying to deny it. All income by the publisher from the Mengistu book should be held and paid to the victims of the mass murderer.

  27. Asfaw Mindaye permalink

    No one can deny Mengistu’s criminal which at the top of cruelty. I am surprised the timing of the bopok when Weayen is at the verge of complet collaps and Shabias being on its graveyard. Let us wait directly and indirectly I am expecting that weyane and shabia cadres will start to attack those Ethiopians such as EPRP supporters. The publishing of this book is part of the conspirecy of WEYANE, SHEABIA and thaose who want to cover their past crimes like Mengistu loyals. The Ethiopina people need to fight all the conspirecy. For instance Major Dawit praise Shebia -the very first person who was in charge of Eritrea -just insulting the ehiopian army members that lost their life in Ertriea. Let us wait and we will see who will say what. Weayne without mentioning who they are Sheabia agents under the cover of anti-weyane and murderers under the cover anti-weyane but standing with sheabi and other separitist groups under the banner of libiration fronts.

  28. Asfaw Mindaye permalink

    I have commented yesterday in this blog what will happen regarding the reaction of Shabia, Weyane and murderers. I indicated that they will attack the EPRP supporters. This is what happened now Tesfaye Gebreabe of Shabia (author of Burika zimita -known anti Amhara and Ethiopia), Elias Kifle Shebia buchila. They start to cry -the Shabia/Derg killers coaltion sponsered sites and paltak forums are the delivery vehicles for this. Current affairs room such as Bizu W/agegn still hoping to kill EPRP supporters. Look whhat will happen if the G7 with Shabia spomserhsip come into power -their intention is to kill like derge and weyane. We have to watch. Probbably shabaia might be behind the publishing of Mengistu book as part of the 100 years homework assigned by Esayiays Afeworkie.
    I hoep we will see more and the will provide a clarity to those who confused by G7.

  29. kassa permalink

    Now it is clear for me that Shabia is behind this book . Tesfaye gebreab and elias kifle (both shabia supporters) are shouting about it . Good Job Debteraw .

  30. Lulu permalink

    Timing is essential! why now this (butcher’s) book came out when every one talking about OLF (General Kemal) talking about Ethiopianizim? May be Shabia and Woyane are behind it? sure, It seems that way, because the two Shabi’s agent (Elias Kifle and Tesfaye Gebreab) start barking trying to divert the issue.

    watch out to this Shabia’s/woyane’s agent!!

  31. Asnakech Oga permalink

    I am very sorry for lovely Ethiopia. Tesfaye Habe and Elias Kifle and tshai publisher doing the dirty job of Shabai. Mengistu indirectly helped Shabia by killing competent Generals other Army officers. Agents such as Kasa Kebede and Major Dawit were behind such conspirecy most we ESEPA mmembers trusted Mengistu and we end up with disaster. Now the same guys are doing the same dirty job. Menistu, the publisher are doing the dirty game of Shabi as usual. Tesfaye queted (as his source) Sebahat Nega-the world shampion liar. Tesfaye tried us to trust to what Sebehat said. Ekkkkkkkkkkk saimesh aynega tebale -all these are part of shabias 100 years homework. I politly asked the true ethiopian political organisation not to divert their attention by the shabia and its buchila homework -please work hard to dismantle weyane annd eventuially shabia.

  32. Mac Shew permalink

    What are you doing?? instead of suppressing it, you are propagating the book…! do not interpret in the financial side are becoming a tool for propagating his book so that it reaches to every one!!!!

  33. Wa! Sewna Tefetro permalink

    Tsehay Publisher seems do the right things publishing president of Ethiopia Col, Mengistu’s book.
    I do not think Col, Mengistu’s trying to sell and get profit from the book. I do not know how money book Authors get huge amount of money publishing their books and become a multi-milliners.
    The main purpose should be how we can learn from his book and the next generation should know the history of the country.
    Col, Mengistu is an old man now. As a human being he will not leave for ever, he will die soon. However he proofs that one man can make history in a bad or good ways. I believe all bad people get what he or she does. We must understand that all solders trained for killing. That’s how he proofs himself in his book. As we all know in recent memory all bad leaders get what they did. God punish them as time goes.
    Let us discussed about the future of the new generation prosperity and concentrate the current situation. How long we can go with blaming each other all the time.
    Let us People of Ethiopia judge his book and put him in a right place.
    We do not want to west our valuable time talk about the legality of the book & publishers.
    Let wait other military or civilians who were with Col, Mengistu’s on the high post speak and Write their own book for judgments.
    Peace to Ethiopia & its people
    **** Wa! Sewna Tefetro *******

  34. wegayehu permalink

    guys, i can’t read it, print it out and distribute it for free…….thanks…………kkkkkkkkkk

  35. Wa! Sewna Tefetro permalink

    Thanks to Tsehay Publishing. I just start reading Col. Mengistu’s book using my iPad2.
    It is the 21 century, smartphones & Tablets change the way we communicate, read, write, publish,send & get information e.t.c.
    If Tsehay Publishing not publishing Col. Mengistu’s book then the old solder himself can create and put it his own BLOG. Come on let us discussed about the sensitive current situation of the Nation rather than wasting our valuable time who publish, why, profit, who start Red Terror, belha, bleha, e.t.c
    I recently return from Ethiopia and sow money things. It is not hidden for the eye what happens over there. As we see from the real world current situation the smartphones & Tablets can change current situation of the Nation if we can do it. So let us stop fighting. Start new era for our country. Let us forgive to who did past crime. Let us push Ato Melse and his brother Ato Essays not to repeat the past and stop practicing what we have seen there. Open up plan to give bread to the needy people. We have seen so money bad things around the globe. We cannot live alone. Let us look at all developed nations how they learn from past.
    Ato Melse and his brother Ato Essays must learn from Col. Mengistu. As all we know their tie will comes up soon. We now we are not live forever. Live is too short. Why we did horrible thing for this short time?

  36. Wa! Sewna Tefetro

    I add two comments-one is display another one is not-may be need approval from BLOGER.
    I am half way through reading Col, Mengistu’s Book from my iPad2. He was an actor for “Ethiopian Tikdem” & driver of the train. He dropped passengers who cannot go to last training station of the “Ethiopian Tikdem”.
    – Hitler’s memory still appears on global media with Film & other formats
    – Sadam’s, Gadafi’s, Ziadbarie’s , Osama Bin Ladine’s are in heaven or hell
    – Bosinians & Herzogovinins, Ruwandans, Somalians, Iraqis, Libians, Afganise, Pakistanies, killed each other and their land wet with blood.
    – Harican Catrina, 9/11, Tsunami, fires, floods e.t.c take so money life and still blood flows like revir water
    – Ancient Amrican, Chinese , Japanese, Indians, Korianse (current), Russians e.t.c civil war happened in the past and still exist the memory in multimedia & other formats for new generations history learning
    – Our Ethiopian brothers and sisters fight each other for 3 million years
    so called Zemene mesafnet, Ahmed Giragn, Yodit Gudit, internal and dexternal banda, Zewdi agezaz, Derg & Red Terror, ELF, TPLF, EPRDF, OLF (Human & natural disasters) e.t.c kills their own brothers and sisters and we are watching our brothers and sisters blood “ ende-gorf wuha” eyefeses ye-ageritu afer bedem kemerasu yetenesa ymibela neger mabkel alchalem”.

    – The world information & communication record archives collected criminal records of mass killings by man-made & Natural disaster.
    – The 21 Century new Generation of Ethiopian MUST LEARN FROM THESE ENDLESS Events & and STOP bring another “DEM YEMAFSES & YEMBEKEL SEMIET”
    – Let us learn from our past and teach for the new generations like:
    Tolerance & forgiveness
    Peace & love,
    Unity & freedom,
    Honesty & loyalty,
    Respect & brotherhood rather than enemy & band

    Let us establish new direction, new ideas, and new approaches for our children & convert International communities’ attitude towards Ethiopia & Ethiopians. Let us use 21 century technologies like social networking (Smartphones-SMS, Blogs, Web sites, TV, and Radio) to help us for timely effective & accurate communication system to change the course of our past and full of hatred 3 millions of YEARS history.

    Peace to Ethiopia & its people
    **** Wa! Sewna Tefetro *******

  37. well whats wrong to read his book? the whole world knew about mengistu hailemariam guys its is the same mistake and crime commited by meles even the worst one just right now

  38. Bruck permalink

    I for one am not for Neither of the sides, so to speak, especially since i was too young during those “Buchering” days. However, i love reading books from both sides to come up with my own conclusions. With regards to this book, i have already bought and finished reading it before this online version has come up; but by all likelihood, if this online version continues to be available, the “Author” would not even release the consequent volumns, and we, the readers, would be the ultimate losers.
    I suggest that you start giving “Freedom” to the readers; if, after all, they don’t like what they see in the 1st volumn, they wouldn’t even bother buying the next volumn, but why do you impose this on them?

  39. I think it is good that people can read what is on Mengistu’s mind about his actions. It is said that actions speak louder than words, but words can describe reasons for actions. So Mengistu did many bad things but he also did some good. At least he tried to bring the country out of the Stone Age. It is all part of the fascinating history of Ethiopia..

  40. Wed Haji permalink

    As an Eritrean and a victim of Mengistu I commend you for the good job you are doing. You are the voice of the voiceless. The governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea are doing nothing to bring the murderer to justice; once they are in power they forgot the suffering of our people.
    KUDOS to your work!!

  41. beth permalink

    Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam the former unelected and illegitimate President of Ethiopia and who ruled for 17 years should accept responsibility and held responsible for innocent Ethiopians who were murdered in cold blood under his administration. Mengistu is a nationalist dictator we all know but not racist, hate monger, did not sale his country to Indians, Arabs, Chinese, the list goes on. He also never reject his national Identity as an Ethiopian, unlike woyanes who are Ethiopian by birth but deny and hate who they are and come from.

    Do not also forget that starting from melese woyanes are publishing books and selling day in and out, did any one tried to stop it? Let alone the books you never tried harder to stop the sale of our country. So what is a noise now if Elias Wondimu our brother making money from President Mengistu’s book proceed? Unless you are envious jealous of both.

    Do you know that it is internationally recognised intellectual property law right and both the author President Mengistu and Elias have legitimate right to sue you for breach of this law including defamation under law of Tort/civil wrong and you may be liable a huge amount in damages to compensate the wronged individuals.
    Unless all is done in a legitimate manner legally and officially we never harm Mengistu by insulting him day in and out and justice never done for all victims which include my own family starting from the Emperor to the farmer.

    This can only be done in the court of law which is legitimate independent and can offer fair trial both for victims and defendant. But all the name calling, insult and etc.. does not do any good for the victims and more importantly for our nation right now.
    Because, you the host in the name of Debteraw and other website and blog hosts are responsible and answerable for helping woyane by diverting public mood and attention and adding more fuel to the already dying struggle to swiftly burned down and end.

    Therefore, please grow up and focus on our current agenda and more important issues.

  42. Martha Teklu permalink

    I would like to comment on the article written opposing the publishing of Menghistu’s book. There are many dark years on the history of Ethiopia. One cannot forget Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia as well as Menghistu’s regime of red terror. But if we concentrate our time and attention on the past, we will forget the present situation in Ethiopia. I urge all Ethiopians to put their focus on what is going today. We have become a country without any seaport; our railways are closed; huge land areas are leased to foreign investors while the landowners are driven to refugee camps; Meles Zenawi’s company EFFORT is exporting our products and investing the money abroad; the food prices have gone up that people are dying of starvation because they cannot afford to buy.
    Functioning schools, hospitals, courts are things of the past; the gold in the treasury; thousands of tons of coffee have disappeared and there is no one accountable to these deeds. Sudan never demanded our land, but they are given our lands as a gift; genocide has been confirmed on the people of Anwak and Somali of Ogaden. What is more, we have become people of no voice, no power to change our miseries for fear of being killed or imprisoned. If this is not our concern, then we can talk about Menghistu’s book and his reign of terror.

  43. Lemma Yelew permalink

    Dear Debteraw,

    Thank you so much for posting the dictator’s book. Please if you can, try to post Bereket Simon’s book also. Once again Thank you!


  44. Demi permalink

    You are spreading Mengistu’s memoir. Don’t you see that? Many people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to his book can now read it, and nobody will really care about your motivation.
    By the way, I am sure Mengistu doesn’t need or expect money from this book. You basically accomplished what he wanted you to.

  45. We Ethiopians have the right permalink

    I don’t think Mengistu is going get fortune from the book sell. I think We Ethiopians have the right to hear from what went and still going on their mind, from people like Mengistu. My qustion to you debteraw guys is why didn’t you posted the book about Mengstu that Genent Ayele wrote?
    Did she share the money with you???????? Just wondering!!

  46. በመንግስቱ መጽሃፍ ስካን ተደርጎ ደብተራው ዌብ ላይ መውጣቱ ያንገበገባቸው ሰዎች ሲንጫንጩ እያየን ነው። ይገርማል ይሄ አረመኔ ጨካኝና ሰው በላ አውሬ በህይወት መኖሩ ሳያበሳጨን ጭራሺ አሁንም ያለውን ነቀት ለማሳየት የጻፈውን እንቶ ፈንቶ መግለጫ ለማንበብ አለመክፈላቺን ያበሳጫቸውን ዜጎቺ ሳይ አዘንኩ። የመለሰ ዜናዊም ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ያለው ንቀት መነሻው ከዚህ ነው። በውጭ ያለው ዜጋ ይሄንን አረመኔ በ ዓለም ፍ/ቤት አቁሞ ለገደለው ህዝብ ፍርዱን እንዲያገኝ ከሱ በሁዋላ የሚመጡ መሪዎች የሚጠብቃቸው ይሄው መሆኑን ማሳየት ሲገባን በላይ ሆኖ አሁንም ሲዛበትብን ቢያንስ ልናስቆመው፣ አለህ እንዴ ብለን ልንቆጭ ሲገባን ኮሎኔሉ ሊነግረን የሚችለው አዲስ ነገር ያለ ይመስል ለምን መጽሃፉ ስካን ተደረጎ ወጣ ተብሎ ቡራ ከረዩ ያዙኝ ልቀቁኝ ማን ነው መንጌን የሚነካ የሚል የመሰለ ነገር እያየን ነው ኮሎኔሉ ወዳጅ አይኖረውም አንልም አብሮ የገደለ የለም አንልም ግን ደግሞ የሞትንና የሞተብን ብዙ አለንና በቅጡ ሁኑ ለማለት ነው። የነ አቶ ኤልያስ ክፍሌና የነ ተስፋየ ገብረአብ ነገሩ የጊዜ ጉዳይ ነው የሚገርመው የ ፕሮፌሰር አልማሪያም እና አሁን ደግሞ አንድ ጸሃፊ ነኝ ያሉ ሰው ደብተራው የፕሬስ ጠላት ነው ሲሉ አይቸ እግዜየሩስ እንዴት ይታዘበን እንዲህ አልመቸው ስንል መንግስቱን አንጠልጥሎ ለፍርድ የሚያቀርብ ጀግና ይመጣል ብለን ስንመኝ በጭፍሮቹ ጫጫታ ስንታመስ አንድ የሚጎድለን ነገር ይኖር ይሆን በሚል ለ እግዚያብሄሩም እንዳልተመቸነው የታየኝ ። መቸስ ሌላ ማለት ባንቺልም ለደብተራውና ለ ኢህአፓ የሰራቺሁት ሲያንስ ነው እንጅ የሚያስወቅሳቺሁ እንዳልሆነ ታውቁታላቺሁና በርቱ ይሄም ያልፋል እላለሁ ለነ አቶ ተስፋየ ገ/አብ ለነ አቶ ኤልያስ ክፍሌ አስተያየትም በምክር መልክ የምለው ቢኖር መንገዱ ተመቸኝ (ሰለጠኝ) ብላ ገብያውን አልፋው ሄደቺ አሉ። ደህና እንሰንብት ቻው

  47. bekele hailu permalink

    Remember not only mengistu, you guys’re equally criminals. When you start talking about red terror we also remember the white terror. Simply put, you’re the othe side of the coin. Neither the former president nor your party will have no place in our struggle for our freedom. Scanning his book and putting it on the web is a gross violation and another blunder to mislead our people again!!! Instead of doing this take your time and write. Let us read your challenging and literary works. Your version. Otherwise, shut up! Your time is up. Bekele

  48. mobae permalink

    i live in the west coast and just listened Asantu Aturo’s “spotlight africa”, a programming broadcasting here in the west-coast on radio KPFK; out of the three or four invited speakers i sided with haile girma’s perceptive on the subject. i am for learning from the past and moving on to the future; and mengistu however criminal; should not dominate the topic at hand just because he finally jot down his recollection of events as he saw it after sitting on his hands for twenty years. another bothersome act is by the so-called opposer and supporters of this publication; i.e. bringing in the leadership of and the subject of another independent nation; eritrea. i think we all should focus on the issues that we think matter to the whole of ethiopians and for the welfare of the state of ethiopia. eprp has over forty years now and what has it achieved? is the next forty years going to be about meles? we should make meles history now and show the world ethiopians worldwide are saying enough is enough in unison!

  49. Ethiopia Tkdem!! permalink

    Intellectual terrorism vs Civil war in Ethiopian cities( failed strategy of armed conflict made by the then EPPR)
    – WAS there armed conflict between Derg and EPPR? yes, Mengistu even escaped assassination slightly.
    -was this armed conflict in city areas or in jungles? It was mainly i the major cities of Ethiopia .Therefore it was difficult for the Dergs to identify between civilians and their enemies . However this doesn’t justify the killing of many civilians .
    -Do you think that what EPPR DID is against freedom of expression?
    I think it is . We Ethiopians need to know what is bad and good . Let the judgment be to the people . We do not want any one to kill us, we do not need also some one to restrict our freedom expression by any means!!!

  50. Solomon permalink

    All who support Mengistu will one day be hunted down. This mass murderer will come to justice soon or his children will stand in trail for their father’s sins.

  51. AYB permalink

    I will appreciate if anyone can send me a pdf copy of this book.

  52. Balambaras permalink

    I came to know how you override the international copyright law simply to expose the dictator Mengistu. What surprises me most is the saying “if you live in a glass house don’t throw stone.” and by any standard EPRP has no the moral standard to judge Mengistu. They themselves are the core cause of the great bloodshed in the history of our country. A mass murderer can not judge a mass murderer.

  53. Balambaras permalink

    For your information, it is the publisher who is going to loose the financial expenses otherwise for Mengistu, it is all the same and he already has collected what is due for his authorship! Shame on EPRP the killer group who does not deserve a gram in the struggle for a betterment of our country. You are the shame of our history and stained with thousands and thousands of innocent Ethiopians blood in your hand. Many to your bloodthirsty policy have been perished from both parties. Red or White terror is terror and EPRP is the one who did the first shot. A shameful bunch of murderers who even tried without success to unite the woyanes at the time!

  54. Ayalneh permalink

    I would rather be jailed for 6 months than reading this ridiculous and useless book. It is just additional waste of my time because i have wasted 17 years under his since i happen to be there born and ill fated to live then. Mengistu has no history to tell.

  55. Gebrie permalink

    I want to work as his agent to sale and share the proceeds with him here in Ethiopia. Can someone tell me the cellphone of Mengistu? Thank you.

  56. bini permalink

    please send me the book by e-mail,your page is blocked in ethiopia

  57. Burqaa permalink

    Shame on you Punks….. you not only violated the copy rights law but also bankruptted the young Ethiopian publisher Elias Wondimu who I have a great respect for his outstanding job publishing scholarly works on the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia.

    You have not diminished Mengistue’s wealth a penny, the SOB stole millions in US currency when he fled the country with his tails between his legs!.. your crude and tasteless reasoning that you targeted Mengistu is utterly absurd, the victim here is Elias’ publishing business!

  58. Selamu permalink

    Dear Editor,

    You deserve our greatest appreciation of your courage to release the murderer/ex-dictator’s book the way you did.

    What is even more important now is for us Ethiopians to bring the criminal, ex-dictator to justice at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. This ought to be done through the United Nations Security Council by putting pressure on the international community.

    Not bringing Mengistu to justice should cause us a severe shame!

  59. Ye eprp qoshasha alama yesew metsehaf copy aderego anebebut malet min yilutal ?
    derom eprp nefesegeday ena woradoch nachew.

  60. Yberhan permalink

    I understand the debate about who started the killing – whether it was EPRP or the Dergue. No one may win the debate, because even if it was Megistu’s Dergue who started the killing, EPRP does not get an automatic license to kill. Murder is murder irrespective of who started it. Hence, for EPRP to deny the right of a 17 year Ethiopian history being narrated from the horse’s mouth is a jock. What you are trying to say is simply, do not listen to the other party, but us. Who said EPRP is the holly killer? If Megistu does not have the right to write, so does EPRP. Please let’s come back to our senses and allow history to be told by different writers so that the public can find out the whole picture.

  61. if Iwrite my name I will b killed soon permalink

    የተከበራችሁ የኢትዮጵያ ተቆርቋሪዎች አገር ስትፈራርስ ዝም ብላችሁ ታያላቸችሁ፡፡ ጎንደር እኮ ደሳለኝ አስራደ በተበለ የኢህአዴግ አይን ያወጣ ሌባና ጨፍጫፊ ተዘረፈች፡፡ ምን አለፋችሁ በአሁኑ ሰዓት ደሳለኝ አስራደ ብዙአየሁ ለጎንደር ህዝብ ዘመናዊው መላኩ ተፈራ ነው፡፡ በዚህ ሰው ምክንያት የጎንደር ሰው አኩርፎ ምርጫ 2007ን እየተጠባበቀ ነው፡፡ ደሳለኝ ባህር ዳር ቢሄድም በሰልጣን ላይ እስካለ ድረስ ኢህአዴግ ጎንደርና ባህርዳር ላይ አንዲት ድምጽ አያገኝም

  62. BENIDET permalink

    mengistu, i hate to mention his name, lead ethiopia back into the dark ages, to the tune of 17 years, it felt like 70 years of shear teror and torture, the military and kebeles assisted him in his terror campaign, made the coutry devoid of educated men, , i would like to criticise eprp in bringing about this spiral of red on white terror, EPRP should have known better, in starting armed struggle in the middle of the capital WITH A FORCE THEY HAD NO CHANCE WINNING EXCEPT IN SACRIFICING THE YOUTH AND CAUSING UNTOLD SUFFERING ON THEIR FAMILIES AND THE WHOLE ETHIOPIA triggering derges massive killing power, IN THE CONCLUSION I STRONGLE OBJECT, TO THIS TYRANT WRITING ANY MEMOIR,, WHEN HE CAME TO POWER HE HAD NOTHING TO OFFER EXCEPT TO STAY IN POWER BY KILLING HIS OPPONENTS, HE WAS A KILLING AND TERRISING FORCE, ETHIOPIA MUST HAVE BEEN CURSED TO HAVE A LEADER LIKE HIM,

  63. wossene permalink

    When Mengistu Got the chance to see his kids grow up and finish School our families are in mass grave . If you think he has the write to write a book and benefit from it, You have no respect for thousands who lost their family .You don’t know how many night I think of my Dad, my relatives and my friends. Every Holiday brings memories. It is fresh It hurts like it happened yesterday.

  64. I ran across this post through http://amnewsupdate.wordpress.
    com/2012/01/14/mass-murderer-mengistu-cannot-be-allowed-to-benefit-from-his-crimes/ and
    if I may I’d like to point out to you some interesting things or ideas. Maybe you can write your next articles pointing to these ideas. I want to read more stuff concerning what you’re talking about.

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