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September 13, 2012

September 12, 2012

The tyrant is dead but his system of oppression continues. On Ethiopian New Year Day (September 11), the regime has released more than 1500 prisoners of whom two were Swedish journalists jailed for coming into the Ogaden together with the ONLF. No political prisoner has been released and the ”justice” minister of the unjust regime has declared there are none whatsoever.

SOCEPP strongly condemns the regime in Addis Abeba that has jailed more than 35,000 political prisoners in secret prisons, in Kaliti and other officials prisons, in camps like Dedesa, Zwai, Bir Sheleko, etc and in the underground dungeons in Tigrai. Journalists are in jail on trumped up charges of terrorism. Hundreds of Ogadeni Somalis and Afars and Anuaks are tortured and imprisoned as victims of the counter insurgency activities of the regime. Amharas, Oromos, Anuaks, and numerous activists from different ethnic groups have been rounded up and jailed over the years. EPRP leaders and veteran members like Tsegaye Gebremedhin, Aberash Berta, Yishak debretsion, Abebe Ainekulu, Hagos Abrha. Mot Baynor ,etc have been disappeared since the early 90s. Where are all these now? Where are the thousands rounded up in 2005 when the regime stole an election, massacred thousands and jailed even more? The regime’s charade of releasing common law prisoners is backed by the so called Elders Committee that has done much damage to the cause of political prisoners. But the truth cannot be denied.

SOCEPP once again demands the release of all political prisoners and calls on international bodies to back this call.

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