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October 1, 2012

September 30, 2012



Sudan has joined the repressive regime in Addis Ababa in violating the basic human rights of Ethiopians. It has deported Ethiopian refugees, allowed TPLF agents to run wild and free in the Sudan and more. We highlight here two recent and alarming developments:

  1. Sudanese nationals, with the full cooperation of Sudanese embassy workers in Addis Ababa, have taken over the traffic of Ethiopians to modern slavery in Lebanon through the Sudan. In the past this was a joint operation by Tigrean and Sudanese officials and traffickers.  However, the Sudanese have now taken over and their agents are active in Ethiopia recruiting victims from Gojjam, Gondar and beyond. This victims are given Sudanese visas by the embassy officials in Addis Abeba and then transported to Khartoum and then sent to Lebanon. The middle men have been cut out. The Sudanese seem to have an abundance of documents with Lebanese visas.
  1.  Sudanese police and prison wardens are committing heinous crimes against Ethiopian refugees. Many female refugees detained in Sudanese have been raped (and sometimes gang raped) and when some got pregnant they have been deported or taken out of the prison and dumped on Khartoum streets.  The number of Ethiopian prisoners in Sudanese jails (Khartoum, Hassaisa, Basonda, Gedaref, Taya, etc)   has increased over the years.  It is to be remembered that Sudan has occupied Ethiopian territory and attacked Ethiopian farmers over the years with the full support of the regime Addis Abeba.

SOCEPP calls on the Sudan government and officials to stop the gross violation of the rights of Ethiopians.

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  1. Alem permalink

    Is this true? Is there evidence for this story? I am both shocked and angry. If true, I think you need to send this report to international organizations and law enforcement agencies.

  2. hello all the childern of ethiopia
    you know ethiopia is under highly repressive ,facist recist and dectator regime so that her people do not have protection the only solution is unifiction if the ethiopia people is united this bandit regime will be destroyedt

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