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የወያኔ የዕድገት መለኪያ ምንነት

October 23, 2012

yewoyane idget melekia

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  1. We have become landlocked country thanks to Woyane’s policy. Inflation is growing at alarming rate. No progress in education, health care, or living standard but again thanks to Woyane, we do not even own the small land, it is government property now. We do not have the right to speak or write if it is going to be critical of the government. Every military official, the top government heirarchy come from Tigrai, other ethnic groups are not to be trusted unless they are a total puppets. Vast land as big as the size of England are leased out to outside corporations and governments, while the indiginous people are pushed of their lands and sent to refugee camps. Under the Woyane’s Administration, genocide is being practiced against the people of Gambella and Ogadenians. In the name of development, people are being pushed out of their lands and houses with no place to go for others to build four storied buildings. In the name of national security, one has to accept this bullshit, otherwise, the next residency will be in prison. Our young women are sold practically as slaves to Arabs and are being mistreated, most of the time, they are not properly paid their wages and are even killed while there is no one to represent them. Woyanes have become greedy, power thirsty and vicious. These are the progress that we see in Ethiopia.

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