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ቀውሱን ለለውጥ መጠቀም

November 27, 2012

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  1. I am in total agreement with this report. I feel very uplifted to be able to read and learn there are many young Ethiopians who still have the strong sense of duty, understanding and courage to face the problems facing Ethiopia today. My only reservation is why we tail the Muslim uprising to start our fight. We, all Ethiopians, can start our fight on our cause. Our fight against Woyane hyenas has enough amunition, our demand for democracy, to stop leases to foreign investors of Ethiopians lands in Gambella, Omo Valley, and Ogaden, to stop the selling of our sisters to slavery for Middle Eastern Arabs and to stop the land give aways to Sudan, protection of our monastries and the religious freedom of all Ethiopians. No country in this modern world is abused and denied its rights and freedom as it is happening in Ethiopia without any benefit to the people. We Ethiopians are in a fight against gangs of Woyane criminals.

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