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TPLF wants to control the Church

January 19, 2013

ION1348:  Since the death last year of the head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Paulos Gebre Yohannes, officials have been trying to have another Tigryan appointed as his replacement.

Certain Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF, hard core of the EPRDF governing coalition) officials are opposed to any kind of reconciliation in the Ethiopian orthodox  Church (EOC) between its home Synod and the dissident  Synod abroad headed by Abuna Menkerios who resides  in the USA (ION  1301).  The EOC dissidents, for their part, are stepping up their efforts to obtain such reconciliations since the death in mid-August 2012 of the head of the EOC, Abuna Paulos Gebre Yohannes who was always close to the EPRDF.

One of the most scathing opponents to the Abuna Menkerios’ return from exile is Abay Tsehaye the former security advisor to the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who reportedly stated sarcastically “why don’t you invite Mengistu Haile Mariam to come back?”   He could intervene, via the minister for federal affairs Shiferaw Tekle Mariam and the head ministry departments, Tizazu Desalegn, to ensure that the choice of a new head of the EOC complies with the TPLF wishes.  However, the members of the EOC Synod in Ethiopian are unable to reach an agreement on who is to replace Abuna Paulos.  In reaction to this indecision, the Tigrayan religious dignitaries threatened to breakaway if Abuna Menkekrios is allowed to return from exile.  The atmosphere is electric.

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