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Asanti Sana President Obama

June 14, 2013

Hama Tuma

A number of people in Africa, tyrants and people alike, were thrilled by your election though the people (not the tyrants) were very disappointed by your subsequent politics in Africa. Some hardline optimists have, however, kept the faith and claimed, notwithstanding facts to the contrary, Africa never left your heart, you were close to us, listened to our heartbeats and kept watch on the continent. A young American, a CIA technical expert, has now proved the optimists right. Not only were the targets the extremists like Boko Haram and Al Shebab, we have come to know that America has been diligently reading all our e mail, listening to our phone conversations and checking on our communication in the social media. Africans are not ignored, they are considered dangerous, for once recognized as somebodies. What is this but love and concern on your part? Asanti indeed. Thanks.

Actually, I started out with a thank you message for a completely different reason. It concerns your nomination of Susan Rice as your National Security Advisor. With Rice in the post you will not lack any chance of messing up American foreign policy in Africa even more than before. Some people say you are arrogant and disdainful of Africa’s interest and desires of which one was never to have anything to do with Rice. I think they got you wrong—Rice is what Africa needs to sustain America’s deformed policy. Rice is the very woman we identify for the American mess during the Rwandan Genocide (on which your other nominee, Samantha Power, has written a lot).  You called her loyal and passionate and she is that for you for sure. Her alleged expertise on Africa has been an illusion for most Africans considering her blunders from which they have suffered. This is the very woman who surpassed you in heaping a glowing eulogy on the late tyrant in Ethiopia and went as far as to insult the Ethiopian opposition. This is the very woman who (along with Anthony Lake) advocated looking the other way during the Rwandan genocide, ignored the carnage in Eastern Congo (close to six million killed) by haughtily declaring “it is Eastern Congo after all. If it is not the M23 it will be someone else”. The very woman who pushed for intervention in Libya (and look where not only Libya but the West African fallout is now), and then bungled up the report on the Benghazi raid in which the American ambassador was also killed. She was loyal to Clinton too, fanning the fiction of an African Renaissance and “young dynamic African leaders”—a list that included Museveni, Kagame. the late  Meles Zenawi, etc—icons of democracy for suer!. Rice still defends the Rwandan strongman and his politics and congratulates herself for grooming Museveni as the region’s one more stooge for American politics. If she was honest she shuld have lefy politics and secluded herself in a monastery to atone for her sins.Yes, I know we hope for the impossible, don’t we?

Kissinger, Brzezinski, Colin Powell, etc., were not good for Africa and for Indochina, Chili, Iraq, etc, but they were in a league that does not include any Rice. She excels in being loyal to you and incompetent all around. Rice has not finished rising to her level of incompetence but as Napoleon Bonaparte said we should perhaps “never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence”. Yet, it is good to note that the compatriots of your late father, specifically the Meru, say: “Those who keep the company of a bad person themselves become bad”. Rice does deny it but the invasion of the Congo by Rwanda and Uganda was supported and encouraged by the Clinton administration advised by none other than Rice. Your nominee to replace Rice at the UN, is also another controversial figure considered by the Jewish lobby as anti-Israel  and as a person who advocated the invasion of Israel by the US. She is married to a Jewish man and denies ever meaning what she is quoted as having said. And yet, Power did say that America and its policies have contributed to fanning anti Americanism abroad and the US should apologize — this is one advice you, Mr. President, should ponder on. I also think she hit the mark when she called  Hilary Clinton a “deceitful monster” and stated that US foreign policy does need “tweaking but overhauling “.

Congolese, Ethiopians, Rwandans, Ugandans and most Africans do not like Rice. As Kenyans say: a person’s deeds are more impotent than the details of his birth. This applies to you and to Rice also. For once, color does not matter at all.

Rice has a weakness for African despots and it was no wonder she called the late tyrant called Meles (the predator of the free press, the man who held more than 35,000 political prisoners in his dungeons, who had made torture routine, sold off the country’s fertile land to foreigners and forcefully resettled thousands, the father of several massacres) “my friend, the father of Ethiopia’s rebirth and a brilliant person”. She was enthusiastic since Clinton’s time on an African renaissance that has proved a delusion. She backed the invasion of Eastern Congo by Rwanda and Uganda and declared “the two leaders are what we have to stop genocide—they know what they are doing”. Five million dead later and after the two leaders had robbed Eastern Congo blind she has still not changed an iota. As one New York Times columnist wrote: if Obama seriously wants to help Africa he should not nominate Rice to a high post.

But you, Mr. President, have gone ahead and given her a high post which will assure the continuation of her messing up Africa using America’s big power means. Gayle Smith and the other Rice were also a disgrace but this Rice excels. And so, why should we say asanti sana, thank you, for your appointment of Rice as your National Security Advisor? Not because she is good and will stop cuddling with notorious tyrants but because she is the devil we know. Ethiopians, who never considered the dead tyrant as their “son”, have a proverb that says better the devil you know than the angel you don’t. Since you are continuing the Bush policy you have not become a disturbing angel and since Rice is Rice since the Clinton times, a devil and a curse on Africa, we are comfortable.

Thank you. Mr. President, you do look out for Africa’s welfare.

  1. GashaCherku permalink

    LOL…in-deed he look out for Africa’a welfare…
    Superb Hama ..

  2. tesema eunetu permalink

    impotent or important ? otherwise, your always are my hero!

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