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መብትን ማስከበር የሚቻለዉ ተደራጅቶ በመታገል ብቻ ነው። በስደት የኢትዮጵያ መምህራን ማህበር አባላት አሰተባባሪ ኮሚቴ የተሰጠ መግለጫ ሕዳር 10 ቀን 2006 ዓ.ም

November 19, 2013





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  1. All Ethiopians who love their country have to join forces to dismantle The Woyane power. Ethiopians may agree or disagree on the kind of government we would like to have, and this can be achieved in democratic votes to choose any system of government, but who can agree with Woyane’s ideology. Woyane’s ideology is to destroy Ethiopia, Ethiopianness, exploit the resources to their private pockets, destroy our churches, mosques and even the symbols of our nation. Corruption is their means of achieving their narcissistic personalities. I strongly agree with the title of your article and we must do our best to achieve it.

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  1. መብትን ማስከበር የሚቻለዉ ተደራጅቶ በመታገል ብቻ ነው። | Debteraw : Ethiopian News and Politics Journal

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